Minstrel song sheet music

Go to My Documents > The Lord of the Rings Online > Music then select "Save" You should now be able to /play the abc file in game while in /music mode. Multi-part songs (.zip files) may require you to use Winzipor WinRARto extract the individual tracks. Trad. The Minstrel Boy (Irish Folk Song) (Ireland) sheet music for Treble Clef Instrument - 8notes.com When I was working out the notes for these songs I was using a whistle in the key of D. Most of the sheet music is either in the key of D or G. Most of the songs have a youtube video showing how to play them and I have also used basic easy to follow letter notes. I find the system of using letters easier to follow a quicker to play along to. Buy sheet music, music books & musical instruments online from Minstrels Music. Sheet music for instruments from the electric guitar to the recorder!