Style sheet in copy editing services

People who need proofreading have usually already used the services of an editor. Think of proofreading as a final check before you share your paper with the world. The most common mistake people make is to confuse proofreading with copy editing. Level 2 - Copy editing. This is the generally-accepted interpretation of copy editing. Freelance editor Rachel Daven Skinner offers substantive, line, and copy editing for bestselling and award-winning romance indie authors and publishers. Editor Rachel Daven Skinner edits for romance publishers, self-publishing authors and authors seeking to refine their manuscripts before submitting to agents and publishers. I can’t explain why a community with such passion for precision doesn’t insist on a consistent spelling for our profession as a noun (i.e., copyeditor or copy editor) and as a verb (i.e., copyedit, copy edit, or copy-edit). In fact, we don’t even have a consensus among our most dog-eared reference materials. Copy editing services include checking for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, grammatical structure, and style consistency. It also includes checking the manuscript for adherence to a general style (APA, MLA, Harvard) or specific house style sheet. May 06, 2019 · A manuscript style sheet is created during a line edit or copy edit. It can prove invaluable for keeping track of book details. Post includes a template.