Android trio tablet reset

Jun 13, 2014 · Here is a quick tip for today on how to reset the Trio Stealth G2 tablet. This is helpful in case you forgot your password or looking to do a clean reset of your tablet. 1) Turn the tablet off. 2) Hold down the + volume button and then turn on the tablet. This is a long shot but try this: Turn off your tablet and look if there is a reset button anywhere on it, press it and hold for a few second and do it a few times to be sure. Test the tablet to see if it boots. Also you can try to hard reset your tablet, let me know if it works.If you're using a Tablet, keep reading. Note: this guide assumes you are using the default web browser for Android. If you're using a 3rd party web browser that you downloaded from the Android Market (like Firefox, Opera or Dolphin HD) - these steps will not clear the history from those browsers. Launch the Android Browser on your Tablet.Intel® processor-based tablets offer exceptional battery life—up to 16+ hrs based on ASUS Fonepad*(FE375CG) batteryXPRT* 1 3. Whether you use Windows* or Android*, now you can charge-up and enjoy more music, more games, and more of everything on-the-go.