Maranello kart setup sheets

Tech Sheets • These are printable (.pdf) setup sheets • We thank Randy Major for a great portion of this information: Chassis Set-Up Sheet 1. Chassis Set-Up Sheet 2. Chassis Set-Up Sheet 3. Briggs Head Torque Sequence. Burris Tire Prep. Camber Explained. Caster Explained. Common Tire Preps. Cross Weight Explained. Gear Ratio Chart. How To Scale 15: after setting kart to the %, you want to run play with the air pressure and watch how it affects the kart. ( notes ) write it down. 16: begin to move washers on spinals up and down to see how the percentages change ( notes ) 17: move cassette on lr up and down to see percentage change ( notes ) Comet Kart Sales - The Largest Kart Shop on the Net - Racing Karts, Go Kart, Go Karts, Go Karting ... Chassis Setup Tools | Chassis Setup Sheets. Bestsellers. $14.95 ... step setup sheet, supplied by Hi-Tech Racing will help make the assembly and setup of your Impulse quick and simple. In the following pages, we will discuss: 1. Mounting the Seat Bar Kit and the Seat 2. Mounting the Body Kit 3. Setting Toe 4. Setting Camber 5. Setting Castor 6. Weigh Out and Tire Stagger 7. Rear Cassette Pill Kit System Best price of complete go kart bodywork sets at Kart Parts Depot. The biggest choice of complete kart bodywork sets.