Add authorized user capital one

Apr 03, 2016 · Some cards even offer bonus points just for adding users and making a purchase. Of course, there are also more pragmatic reasons to add an authorized user, like enabling a family member or employee to manage the account on your behalf. Generally, card issuers allow you to dictate the level of access given to authorized users. Atkins suggests adding your partner to one of your credit card accounts as an authorized user if credit score is hindering you from getting a joint card. Just bear in mind that as the primary cardholder, you're responsible for all charges — not only the ones you make. I've received the card in the mail (though the primary cardmember can access the Admirals Club even before physically receiving the card), and was obviously eager to add authorized users, given that it's one of the selling points of this card. How do you add authorized users to the Citi AAdvantage Executive Card? It's super easy.Learn more about what adding an authorized user can mean for you. Having an additional user on your Capital One account can help you consolidate spend, build their credit score, and earn more rewards on every dollar they spend. How do I add/remove members from the Account Manager feature? You can add or remove an Authorized Account Manager (only the Basic Card Member can remove) through your online account. About