Bring me to life sheet music

Jul 20, 2014 · Art enthusiasts have been using sheet music in their art projects for years and now the trend is catching on. Take a look at these wonderful ideas of using art to bring sheet music to life. Artist and architect Federico Hurtado (b. 1961, Buenos Aires) lives and works in San Isidro, Argentina ... Bring my brother back to me, When this war is done, Give us all the joys we shar'd Ere it had begun O bring my brother back to me, Never more to stray. This is all my earnest prayer, Thro' the weary day. Chorus: Bring him back! bring him back! With his smiling healthful glee, Bring him back! bring him back! Bring my brother back to me. 2. We've covered this ground before here at 8notes, when we looked at the harmonies in pieces like Mark Snow's X Files Theme, but we've had so many requests to look at the piano opening to Evanescene's hit 'Bring Me To Life' we thought we'd take a look again. Country music lyrics, guitar tabs/tablatures, chords source #1.